79€ Anti-Age

Skin type: mature, atrophic, poorly perfused skin.

Effect: nourishing, moisturizing, moisture-binding, circulating

79€ Sensitive treatment

Skin type: hypersensitive skin, sensitive skin couperose.

Effect: very moisturizing and anti-irritant

79€ Clearing

Skin type: impure skin, skin prone to inflammation, acne, oily skin.

Effect: soothing, anti-inflammatory

79€ Algae gel treatment

Skin type: dry, atrophic, pale skin with flabby skin functions, oily skin.

Effect: strongly moisturizing, normalizes skin turgor, softens horny layer, promotes blood circulation

79€ Planta Verde Treatment

Skin type: any skin type, whether overacidified, susceptible to normal or demanding.

Effect: firming, moisturizing, invigorating, regenerating, stabilizing, alkaline

79€ Lift Mask Treatment